Wednesday, 11 January 2017

tak kuat nak post di fb

if i asked myself, 'would i do that? can i do that?' .. yes i would and i can inshaAllah.. but, when i sit alone, think about this.. i think that it is like what if i do that.. unmatured girl and foolish girl maybe.. it is dumb! i am 22years old.. not 12years old anymore.. so, just hold on and do nothing.. pray the best and have faith.. be strong and keep calm.. stay cool and smile always..
seriously, i feel want to cry like a baby when read something that is so funny.. really funny? i don't think so actually.. someone told me those and that.. at that time, i feel glad and feel blessed when that one told like that.. it looks like so great.. but, 3months later, it going worst when the thing is not going like that.. not going like what that one told.. i feel so sad and hurt by it.. i hope the things would never be happen anymore.. i hate that thing.. i hate it damn much.. why and why that the thing come across on my mind? can i close my eyes? and then, when i open my eyes, this thing will gone and never appear again.. can it happen as easy like that?
i am not strong enough to face it again on this year and another year.. but i should be strong! keep fighting syahana! you can do it and always can! trust it.. keep patience okay! ;)

*sorry for making it worst.. sorry for making it a trouble.. sorry for everything i had done*
not related to any of you.. it only about me and myself.. so don't think anything okay.. i am not good in English.. huhu :(
~thanks for always supporting me.. always be there through my thick and thin in my life.. thanks for always stay with me, stand by my side.. thanks a lot.. i really appreciate it and glad to have you :*

(post merapu meraban sebelum deactive akaun buat seketika.. esok balik ganu jom!
actually, ni apa yang aku taip kat fb.. tp, aq xkuat nk post.. so, msukkan kat sni laaa.. jd knangan.. bleh aq bce lg 2 3 tahun akn dtg kan.. hahaha
senyum jafniey.. senyum
kat sni slamat.. sbb xde sape yg taw psal blog aq pn.. xde yg nk bce n xde yg nk amek kesah pn.. haha 
last thing, aq trfikir.. mngkin ni akn jd secret diary aq ble aq bkak laptop.. diary aq ttap ad ble aq pgang pen.. n ble aq pegang phone, insta laa jd mngsa.. tp buat mse skunk, aq ase aq kne stop dh kot insta n fb.. phone problem.. sdih doe.. k ar.. aq nk rest jap.. satgi nk solat Asar plak.. chow lu~~

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